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"Coffee Collection" - by MKY Interiors 


~ Winter Latte ~ 


A Unique Piece of Art - only one of each will be available !

Please note - there will never be created the same version again, you will be the only owner of this version.

This collection combines neutrals, off white and varied shades of coffee, dusty coral and gold.


Large One of a Kind absolutely amazing piece of art in Earth Tones.

Enhanced by unique textures created with organic materials & experimental techniques.

This modern abstract painting art is hand finished. This beautiful piece changes with light adding elegance and depth to any space. A modern technique of painting with the use of coffee created to delight the viewer from every profile in matt-satin finish.


Framed in a delicate wooden frame.


Wall Art - "Winter Latte" - modern textured abstract painting

Out of Stock
  • L:  101.5 cm

    W: 101,5 cm

    D:      2,5 cm

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